Set construction for film and TV is our core business; we've been working in this field for over 20 years and have enormous enthusiasm for the cut and thrust of the British film industry. We combine modern technology with traditional techniques to achieve suspension of disbelief quickly and efficiently.




2013 was the 25th Anniversary of Comic Relief, working once again with renowned production designer Rudi Thackray, Helix were charged with building the very complex curved set, the center piece of the mammoth 12 hour broadcast. The set had 3D mapped images projected onto all surfaces thanks to the expertise of production partners QED.

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Jonathan Ross

With Jonathan Ross moving from the BBC to ITV it was time for a brand new set. Designed by Rudi Thackray the set was complex and comprised of a series of curves. Once again the prefabrication had to happen on a super quick turn around with the lead-time being reduced from four weeks to just seven days.

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Hot Fuzz

Building the sets for Hot Fuzz was a great opportunity to show off our set construction skills on a grand scale. Based on designs by Marcus Rowland we built 16 major sets and worked at many more locations. There were a huge amount of special effects; always good fun!

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Reeds Recruitment wanted to make the most of their very first TV commercial. Taking inspiration from classic inter galactic television shows such as Star Trek and Deep Space Nine, the set comprised of a command deck complete with a captain's chair.

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Attack The Block

Set on a South London council estate most of the scenes were shot on set, not that you would know due to the completely realistic set construction. Every detail was faithfully reproduced from the many exterior locations used, we accommodated hundreds of special effects requests as the aliens and youth smashed.

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